Monday, 3 March 2014

Noor, Hilal, Butool: The famous children's magazines in Urdu from Rampur

Lot of Urdu lovers recall the Shama group's Khilauna magazine but they forget the services of Idara Al-Hasanat, especially, its famous magazine, 'Noor'.

Noor has been the most popular children's magazine in Urdu in India, for more than half-a-century. The magazine continues to be published from Rampur.

For a brief period, there was a slight decline in quality of pages and printing. But once again, Noor, is back to its old glory. The magazine goes all over India and has a decent circulation.

Noor has been published for the last 62 years, uninterruptedly. Maulana Abu Salim Mohammad Abdul Hai was the man who established this institution.

Currently, the Editor-in-chief is Abdul Malik Saleem while Murtaza Sahil Taslimi is the Honorary Editor.

Abdul Khaliq Naseem is the associate editor. While Noor caters to the needs of teenagers too, the same group's Hilal (pronunciation, Hilaal] caters to much younger children.

It also has stories, informative articles, cartoons and columns for kids. Further, there are two more magazines published by this group. They include 'Butool', which is for women and girls.

Subscription details


From March 2014, the price of Noor has been slightly increased to Rs 30. The special issue is priced at Rs 45.

The annual subscription is Rs 350 and if you want each issue, then your are advised to pay Rs 550 for getting the magazine by registered post.

Address for Communication & Sending Subscription Amount:

Monthly 'Noor'  (Bachchon ka Digest) 
Idara Al-Hasanat
Purani Khandsar, Rampur (UP) 

[for subscribing other magazines, just replace the name Noor with Butool or Hilal etc. Address is same]

In case of BUTOOL, the subscription details:

One issue is priced at Rs 35. Special issue costs Rs 50. Annual subscription is Rs 400. Subscription amount through registered post is Rs 600.


Each issue costs Rs 30 and the special issue is priced at Rs 45. Annual subscription is Rs 350. Subscription amount through registered post is Rs 550.


One issue costs Rs 25. Special issue Rs 35. Annual subscription is Rs 300. Subscription through registered post is Rs 500 per annum.

If all the four magazines are subscribed, then there is a discount of Rs 300. Instead of paying Rs 1400, you will get them for Rs 1,100 for the entire year.

I have learnt that the group also publishes a  Hindi magazine, Hadi, now.

EMAIL: If you need further assistance, you can contact the Al  Hasanat group at this address:

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