Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Akram Allahabadi's cult novel, Junction Bilara اکرم الہٰ بادی کی مشہور ناول جنکشن بلارا

اکرم الہآبادی صاحب  کی مشہور ناول جنکشن بلارا 

'Junction Bilara' was  late Akram Allahabadi sahab's famous novel penned nearly half-a-century ago.

It was a rage in the era. The story centred around the mysterious train that arrived on a particular day at Bilara town where fear ruled, and everyone got themselves shut at the moment. 

The signal would fall on its own, the train seem to come from nowhere, and then disappeared, leaving no trail. The railway walas had no idea about its track movement. 

There'd be no staff at the desolate railway station, but the sound of whistles and gongs reverberated and was heard across the town when the train arrived, and left Junction Bilara.

It was rumoured that it was the train of the dead--those who had died in a railway mishap years ago, operated it, a sort of ghost train.Whoever saw it, died. 

After the first detective sent to crack the case died, comes the heroes Inspector Madhulkar and his assistant Raazi. It was not at all a ghost story, but spy fiction. Like Ibn-e-Safi's 'Sholay' series, 'King Chang' or 'Bogha', Junction Bilara was also a cult novel.


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