Sunday, 26 October 2014

DelhiPress group's cult magazine 'Manohar Kahaniyan' in Urdu a hit with readers

Cult magazine 'Manohar Kahaniyan' had launched its Urdu version last year.

Ever since, the magazine hit stands, it has been a hit with readers. The magazine is now running in its second year.

The Manohar Kahaniya Urdu has drawn eyeballs because of its editorial selection, quality as well as printing standards.

The DelhiPress Publication needs to be congratulated for the decision to bring out the magazine in Urdu too.

The magazine has stories, articles on social issues, crime stories, satirical pieces, women's section, news and many other columns.

Many pages are dedicated to fashion, lifestyle, doctor's advise and tidbits. As it is an Urdu magazine, there is focus on poetry too.

The current issue focused on Yas Yagana Changezi. His ghazals and a brief about his life have been included. In fact, the quality of illustrations, cartoons and graphics apart from neat design make it the top Urdu magazine in India.

There was definitely space for such a magazine in Urdu. Its Hindi version was known for its mass circulation in North India, for decades.

The Urdu magazine has also got popular in short time. If the publication continues with the venture, and there is slight more publicity, the circulation may take a jump.

After Sahra group's Bazm-e-Sahara ceased publication, there was a void in Urdu magazines' section.

The reason was that it was also a magazine that could be put along side any standard English magazine.

But Sahara management decided to close it. Earlier, Sunday Indian's Urdu version had also raised expectations.

Paresh Nath is the editor of the magazine. Each issue is priced at Rs 40. The annual subscription is Rs 480.

Manohar Kahaniya is published on standard magazine size. It runs into 100 pages. Do subscribe it.

Phone: 011-41401647

For more information, check DelhiPress website:

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