Tuesday, 11 February 2014

India's iconic Urdu literary magazine 'Shair' is turning 85

For anyone having faint interest in Urdu literature, Shair*, [pronunciation 'Shaa'er' or 'Shaayer'] is a familiar name.

The magazine that was launched by legendary poet Seemab Akbarabadi, has completed 84 years and the glorious journey continues.

It is no less than a miracle for a literary journal to survive for so long, and yet retain its uniqueness and the hold over readers.

While the magazine is known for its content, it has given space to poets and writers of varied ideologies & literary movements.

The magazine is published from Mumbai. After Seemab Akbarabadi, his son Ejaz Siddiqui kept the magazine at par with the leading literary periodicals. 

Then, the next generation, took over. The services of the family towards Urdu world are truly matchless. Shair had begun publication from Agra in 1930.

It shifted to Mumbai. Over the years, it has become the most widely read literary journal across Urdu world. Especially, it has readership among Urdu speakers in Britain, America and other countries too.

Even non-literary magazines that have been running for more than eight decades, can be counted on fingers. Currently, Iftikhar Imam Siddiqui is the editor while Hamid Iqbal Siddiqui and Nazir Noman Siddiqui are the associate editors. 

Shair is also known for its special issues. The magazine is priced at just Rs 18. The annual subscription amount is Rs 200 within India. From Pakistan it is Rs 600, while from other countries the amount is 50 dollars.

It is a magazine which you should subscribe and support, if you are an Urdu lover. Here, is the postal address for sending the money, if you intend to subscribe the magazine:

The Shair Monthly
202-228, Dinanath building, PB Marg
Mumbai 400004

[*Shair i.e. the poet. This the official spelling in English printed on the back cover of the magazine]

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