Monday, 17 February 2014

Science: The monthly Urdu magazine from Delhi

There aren't many magazines on science in Urdu. Mainstream publications don't focus on the subject.

Hardly any newspaper or periodical contains articles on science and technology. It is really a surprising and sad aspect.

'Science', the monthly magazine, fills this void. It is published from Delhi and this 'mahnama' has successfully completed 21 years.

It has carved a niche for itself in educated circles, institutions and even in madarsas. There are articles on a range of subjects.

Mohammad Aslam Parvaiz is the editor of the magazine that runs into 56 pages. He is the principal of the Zakir Husain Delhi College.

There is a neat selection of articles must be lauded. The subjects range from life sciences to astronomy, physics to earth sciences, chemistry to biology and other varied issues.

An issue of the magazine costs Rs 25. The annual subscription is Rs 250 through ordinary post and Rs 500 through registered post. For those living abroad, the amount is 100 riyal or 100 dirham, 30 dollars or 15 pounds [for Saudi Arabia, UAE, America and UK respectively].

Interestingly, there is a note that for outstation drafts/cheques, the commission fee of Rs 50 should be added.[Contact MA Parvaiz sahab at the email] The communication should be in favour of 'Urdu science monthly'. The address for sending your cheque/draft/money order is:

Urdu Science Monthly
153 (26), Zakir Nagar West
New Delhi

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