Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Kitabnuma: Standard literary Urdu magazine for over half-a-century

Kitabnuma is among the major literary magazines in Urdu. Devoted to 'Adab', this magazine has completed 54 years.

It is published by the Maktaba Jamia Limited. Currently, Khalid Mahmood is the chief editor. Like other literary magazines, it focuses on all forms of literature.

It was known for guest editorials also, till recently. Apart from ghazals, nazms and other genres of poetry, there are short stories, articles on litterateurs apart from informative articles.

There is also enough literary criticism and columns. Kitabnuma is known for its balanced approach. The magazine carries the line, 'ghair-janibdarana ravayat ka naqeeb'.

The latest issue has a special focus on the famous poet late Shad Arfi. There are many articles on the poet, who is known for his incisive sarcasm and satire.

The articles reveal a lot about the poet who had an inimitable style and whose couplets can be distinguished from other poets.

The magazine has 96 pages. The current issue costs Rs 18 per issue. The annual subscription is Rs 200. From foreign countries it is 32 dollars or 20 pounds. In face of any confusion, you can call 011-26987295 or shoot an email at monthlykitabnuma@gmail.com

So what are you waiting for? Do subscribe the magazine by sending the amount to this address:

Maktaba Jamia Limited
Jamia Nagar
New Delhi-110025

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