Friday, 14 February 2014

Urdu magazine Biswin Sadi's latest issue hits the stands

Biswin Sadi is one of the oldest Urdu magazines in India. Once upon a time, late Ramrakha Mal alias 'Khushtar Girami' was its editor.

Under him, Biswin Sadi became popular across the country. Later on, Z Rahman Naiyyar took over the magazine.

However, after Naiyyar's death, there was period of 2-1/2 years, when the magazine ceased publication. But later on it was revived.

Shama Afroz Zaidi is the editor. She must get credit for bring out the magazine on the same standards. Now it is not a monthly but a biannual publication.

Two issues are published every year. But the magazine is more voluminous and there are hopes that the frequency of publication may increase in future.

The magazine is now in its 84th year, almost as old as Shair. For old-timers, its great to see the magazine on stands, even though it comes every six months. The look remains the same and there is hardly any difference in contents.

The current issue [January-June 2014]. It has 122 pages and is priced at Rs 60. The names of the writers who contribute may turn you nostalgic again. Litterateurs who were associated with this semi-literary magazine are visible once again.

Shabab Lalit, Syed Hubab Tirmizi, Kailash Mahir, Naz Bharti, Manazir Ashiq Harganvi, Hamdi Kashmiri, Preetpal Singh Naseem's names are among the poets whose ghazals have been published. There is an article on Shad Arfi by Prof. Muzaffar Hanafi though it has been printed in other magazins too.

Coming to prose section, the writers whose afsanas have been included here are Noor Shah, Masroor Jahan, Karamat Ghori, Anwar Nuzat, Anand Lahar etc. Then, there is the famous Teer-o-Nashtar column from the old files of Beeswin Sadi.

Raja Mehdi Ali Khan's nazm and Ismat Chughtai's afsana has been included from old files of the magazine. There is a 'khususi gosha' that focuses on Gulshan Khanna, the Britain-based writer, in this issue. Plus, the usual columns.

If you intend to subscribe the magazine, then send Rs 150 [in the name of 'Biswin Sadei Magazine'] on the address:

I-47, Rahmani Street, Muradi Road, 
Batla House, Jamia Nagar, 
New Delhi-110025

[For foreign countries, the subscribtion amount is different. Contact at this email]

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